LBA Bibliography

A Regis College Sabbatical (Spring, 1998) provided time to make necessary improvements to this homepage.   It was also extensively revised in the Spring of 2013 during another sabbatical from Regis College.
During that time an in-print version of this bibliography that is available in both paper formats and as an e-book was created. Go to "" and search under Vetterling if interested in obtaining one of these alternate versions. In them, you will also find a brief history of this bibliography, which started in the 1970's.  

In addition, Regis College Small Grants (1997-1998) provided support for research at Harvard University Libraries and for five days of research at the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid, Spain, Summer, 1998. A Regis College Kaneb grant (from August 15, 1999-December 15, 2000) provided funds for further research in libraries in Spain (Biblioteca Nacional, Consejo superior de investigaciones científicas, Real academia española) and the United States (Harvard University and the Library of Congress).
Harvard University's extensive online resources have provided further updates (over 600 new references) added in 2018.
Most importantly, this website would not exist had it not been for the technological espertise, wizardry and creativity of my husband, William T. Vetterling 

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